Drilling Bit

PDC Drill Bit

DeRun Energy PDC bits are designed professionally for different formations to meet with various drilling applications. ROP and durability improvements are ensured by advanced cutting structure layouts, high performance PDC cutters and superior hydraulic design.

Core Bit

DeRun Energy core bit uses tungsten carbide matrix with a steel skeleton in it. The bits adopt parabolic, double cone, tapered step crown profile, and diamond inner and outer gauge. We can provide possible quick ROP, high core recovery, low cost, excellent durability core bits in various formations under all drilling conditions combined with other types of core tools.

Rock Bit/Tricone Bit

DeRun Energy rock bit is the most popular one in use. When working, the cogging touch the bottom alternately, breaking torque and the contact area both are small, thus the unit pressure is high, so it can penetrate into the layer easily, The length of the blades is longer, which can reduce the abrasion. The rock bit can adapt to a variety of formations from soft to hard.